Demo of new Steam Weeder in the Western Cape.

Testing of Zucal Applepicking System

In Grabouw and Vyeboom area's

Test of Turbmatic tower sprayers.

The Test of the Turbmatic 910 standard, 910T short tower and 910DPF long orchard tower sprayers done on Fine Farm with the help of Lloyd and Vernon Behr of Terason, Present were Bokkie and Barry and Ian of Fine farms, Ernst of Oak Valley Estate and representatives of Turbmatic. The comparative tests done with water Sensitive Paper using markers to place plates in same area and in same tree. All machines calibrated to the specification as used by Fine Farms, to equally evaluate the machines. For a copy of these tests please contact Neels Thiart of Ikapa Trading.                                                      Have the Turbmatic  test in your orchard remember each orchard is unique.                   For a demonstration of the Turbmatic range please contact Neels Thiart. 


 Demo of new DPF Tower on Applethwaite, with 910mm fan.


Demo of the new compact T Tower.


Training to the City Of Cape Town on there 21 new linemarkers, presented by Ra-ees Scholtz. 

 Demonstrations of TURBMATIC sprayers in the Somerset West and Elgin valley's




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