The Binger Trimmer LSA320 offers an enormous range of equipment options combined with robust, low-maintenance design and construction.The cutter beams, made from rust-free aluminum, can be equipped with between one and seven knives.                                  

The low-level mounting of the Trimmer provides a low center of gravity and so safe operation, even on light tractors. Modern, computer-controlled production processes ensure the high precision and accurate fits of all components. The vertical and horizontal cutter beams are each driven by a separate hydraulic motor. The knives have generously dimensioned, lifetime lubricated ball bearings, so that they are just as maintenance-free as their flat-belt drives.                 

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Binger offers you three different Pre-Pruners models, VS 98 D, VS 98 D , VSL 07 P. The VS 98 D has been developed for use with special training  systems with a lot of wood. The VS 98 S is intended for vines with abundant growth. The VSL 07 P is deigned for small tractors and for use on steep slopes.              

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The Binger Defoliator EB 490 treats vines exceptionally gently. Two rotating rollers grip the leaves drawn in by a suction fan and pluck them off. Damage to the inflorescences of grapes is effectively avoided. The patented cleaning rake ensures that the rollers do not become clogged. Despite its low weight of only 60 kg (without hydraulic lift and bracket), the EB 490 Defoliator is really robust, reliable and maintenance-free.


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MultiOne’s vineyard tool carrier is a multi-functional tool carrier for a wide range of vineyard attachments. This tool carrier for vineyards is equipped with an electro-hydraulic distributor with 4 functions (roll back / tilt head / side extension / height) operated through a joystick positioned in the operator’s cab or your MultiOne agricultural loader. The MultiOne 5 Series and upwards work well on these attachments providing you with a truly unique vineyard machine. The base module snaps on the below modules changing it instantly into a completely different tool.

  • Multifunction tool
  • 6 professional attachments for vineyards
  • Suitable for rows from 200 cm wide




 Multi One Attachment: Tree Shaker.


• Total control of vibration frequency
• Operates on trees with wide trunk
• Harvest Umbrella, 6 m diameter



This attachment represents the most advanced technology for olives harvest, almonds harvest, nuts harvest, pistachio harvest etc… it requires a minimum distance of 70cm from the soil to the foliage .
The system works with frequency control to maximize the vibration effect just on the fruits and to avoid low frequency vibrations on the trunk. Hydraulic controlled umbrella with diameter up to 6 meters. The clamp can swivel in case of working on an uneven ground position. Depending on the crop variety and on the ground morphology the productivity rage may vary from 40 to 60 trees/per hour. The vibrating head is powered by a compact hydraulic motor.


The control board located near the operator’s seat manages all movements and vibrations frequency.


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