Josco Krokodil bin on the ground trailers, A multi purpose trailer for use during harvesting and pruning seasons.

Brochure Krokodil
Bin on the ground trailer and pruning attachment
KROKODIL & PLATFORM 1.pptx.pdf (916.51KB)
Brochure Krokodil
Bin on the ground trailer and pruning attachment
KROKODIL & PLATFORM 1.pptx.pdf (916.51KB)

The Krokodil is designed to improve and simplify the bin on the ground concept. It has a hydraulic system that improves operations and allows the operator to control the trailer much more efficiently than the conventional bin-trailers currently in use.

This results in a major improvement in production.

The new design also gives the Krokodil the capability to work on terraces and trellises. Furthermore the Krokodil has a much smaller turning-circle and creates less dust during the harvesting process.

Technical data:

      Electric hydraulic control via 2 joysticks mounted on tractor.

      Only 2 hydraulic pipe-couplings to tractor

      Unique ball-hitch between tractor and trailer for positive movement

      High torque / low rpm hydraulic motor. Trailer ground-speed and chain-speed is very similar for easy lifting and minimal damage to bins.

      Unique design on front-end of forks for easy lifting of bins

      Easy adjustment on chains.

      Chains run on wear-strips on top and return-rollers inside the tube, to reduce friction on chain.

      There is a scraper on the fork-end of the machine at the sprockets to clean the inside of sprockets from debris.

      Each wheel can move up and down independently, for uneven terrain when the bins are picked up.

      Special small skid steel-tyres are fitted, size 27x105x15, with thick walls

      Tyres should be inflated to only 1.8 bar, for a softer ride, thereby protecting the fruit.

      Machine can handle plastic and wooden bins.

Bins are easily guided between the wheels

Machine is only 2 metres wide, for easy access into rows


This platform can be fitted to the KROKODIL for use out of harvesting season. To perform tasks as, fastening tops, trunk removal, shadenet work and stopping leaders.

Technical data: Prunning Platform.

Electric hydraulic control via joysticks mounted on tractor.
Only 2 hydraulic pipe-couplings to tractor
Hand adjusted vertically and horizontally, four work stations per unit.
Platform height from 700mm above ground to 2.2m above ground ( dimensions dependent on trailer height).
Width adjustable from 1.2m,  wings open to 3m

Tasks Hormone spray Leaders
Stopping Leaders
Trunk removal (branch stripping: (2m to 4m)
Fastening tops
Shadenet work. 



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